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WebMaster Diploma

Producing web pages requires a wide range of skills – often incorporating the skills of a graphic designer and layout specialist with those of a webmaster understanding HTML & CSS. This course aims to give new web designers the skills needed to produce professional web sites that will work on any platform – mobile, tablet or desktop.

HTML & CSS is the glue behind all websites. You will learn how to build and update websites directly using HTML and CSS. Learn to build the site structure, work with tags, attributes, CSS, classes and links, media lists, tables, forms, box models and divs.

Adobe’s Dreamweaver is the professional’s choice for web design – and greatly speeds up the process of building a website. Dreamweaver incorporates many advanced features and you will learn how to page content, add images, media, video and social media links. Build navigation menus, add analytics tracking, contact forms and work with Google maps. Test, publish and upload to a web server.

Learn to work with PhotoShop to create the graphic elements used within your website. Create new gallery slides, and new graphics for your social media sites. Optimise graphics for the web and other formats. Design banner adverts and output animations to HTML and jquery to be used on all types of devices.

Learn how to put it all together to design, build and manage a responsive website that will work on Smartphones, Tablets, Surfaces and other form factor devices. Take an existing website design and learn what it takes to convert it to work on different devices.


What is iWeb Master?

This course package includes courses in Dreamweaver, HTML & CSS , Photoshop and Flash, along with topics covered in social media marketing and google analytics. The iWebMaster certification requires 2 examinations and a substantial project. Candidates must complete all examinations and the project in order to attain certification. This package includes the cost of the exam.


Why take this course?

On completion of the course you will be a competent web designer comfortable in developing and maintaining a wide range of dynamic web formats compatible with all web accesible devices. You will develop strong HTML and CSS skills including good practice search engine optimization.


Who should attend?

This course is suitable for anyone wishing to become a professional web designer or WebMaster. Current media and marketing professionals will benefit by learning skills which allow them to customise existing web pages and social media accounts or create custom online adverts. Graphic designers also who are looking to transfer their skills to online formats.

Topics covered on your Webmaster Diploma course


58 lessons
3 hours 29 minutes
Course details


75 lessons
5 hours 40 minutes
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127 lessons
17 hours 16 minutes
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73 lessons
6 hours 57 minutes
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Skills you’ll learn

  • Achieve the ability to create professional looking websites
  • Learn the ropes of Photoshop and other editing tools
  • Understand and utilize the concepts behind social networking and advertising
  • Design and structure complex websites
  • Master HTML and CSS and the Spry framework
  • Use Google Analytics to improve your website’s ranking
  • Learn to customise your Facebook, Twitter and Youtube presence

Why become a Master?

  • Receive and industry recognized certification
  • Gain the skills necessary to progress in the IT sector
  • Have the ability to create websites that benefit you
  • Open a wide array of opportunities for yourself at work and at home
  • Be able to use social media as an advertising tool

How you can apply these skills

  • Design professional sites for businesses
  • Increase potential for a job in web development
  • Create websites for your business
  • Improve your business social reach by means effective social media
  • Be able to use the internet in an efficient and professional manner

Careers that require these skills?

  • Web Design
  • Social Media
  • Marketing
  • Graphic Design


When you pass you will receive an internationally recognised accreditation certificate like this:


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