The course covers all aspects of the design process from the importing of images right through to final production considerations for art work.

Photoshop is the standard for creating and editing images. You will gain a fast, practical, in-depth knowledge of this product and the design skills.



This program is designed to complement Adobes Illustrator and Photoshop tools and make the development of composite documents and manuals easier.

From simple fliers to newsletters users will be able to incorporate graphics created in Photoshop and Illustrator into different document types.



This course is designed to lead you in the design process, you’ll learn how to produce artwork and understand the issues involved with graphic design.

You will be fully capable of creating special effects suitable for conventional printing as well as professional artwork for electronic publishing.


Graphic Design Master

Become a graphic design expert with the iMaster Diploma. With Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop you’ll learn how to master different media.

This is your course if you want to move into a rewarding career through traditional graphic design skills and design for the web and online media.



The course takes users from building basic web sites, working with text, paragraphs and styles to building flexible layouts using CSS, templates and libraries.

If you want to know the powerful Adobe Spry framework and gain the skills to create convincing and versatile websites as well as to maintain them, come in!



This course takes users from the basics of creating simple vector images through to producing multiframe interactive graphic animations.

If you want to feel comfortable creating interactive animations and enhancing them for web deployment, this course will benefit you.



The aim of this course is to teach how to develop effective and impressive web pages using the HyperText Markup Language, which will work on any platform.

With new developments in this web format, and web browsers implementing solutions in different ways, this is the best way to learn how to code.


iWeb Master

This Master Diploma package aims to teach you to produce professional and responsive websites that will work on any mobile, tablet or desktop.

We have managed to join HTML & CSS -the glue behind all websites, Dreamweaver -to speed up the building and Photoshop, to create your website.