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Graphic Design Master Diploma

Become a Certified Master of Graphic Design. Learn from the people who train the professionals

333 lessons + 40 Hours Lifetime Access

Graphic Design Master Diploma

The Graphic Design Master Diploma, exclusively from The International Academy of Computer Training, will teach you the skills you need in order to become a Graphic Design expert. If you want to move into a creative and rewarding career that offers a chance to work from home or anywhere else and you want to develop your creative skills using a PC or a MAC this is the right course. No previous graphic design skills are required, just basic PC skills and access to a broadband connection.

  • Unlimited online access
  • Watch, pause, re-watch, from any device
  • Project to complete for the Diploma
  • Downloadable files for you to practice

Great value training

As an investment in your future earning potential, obtaining our Diploma in Graphic Design is a wise choice

Advance your career

Upon completion you get an Internationally recognised, CPD Certified, Diploma in Graphic Design to add to your resume

Proven quality courses

Our Adobe Certified Expert Trainers have been teaching people Graphic Design mastery for over 20 years. You're in safe hands


What's involved?

This Diploma package includes the following 3 courses: Complete Photoshop; Complete Illustrator and Complete InDesign. After you've completed the courses, you complete an online test in each area. In order to be awarded the Diploma, you then complete and submit a project. Candidates must complete all examinations and the project in order to attain certification. This package includes the cost of the exams and the Project.


Why take this course?

Working with these Adobe applications you will learn how to create all types of different media such as magazines, business cards, letterheads and marketing materials for both online and print mediums such as fliers, menus, online ads etc – anything you can imagine you can design using these Adobe tools. This course will provide you with the skills for traditional design as well as developing the skills to design for the web and online media.


Who should attend?

Anyone wishing to work professionally in DTP or graphic design. If you're an individual with a great passion in graphic design and you want a World leading Certification to add to your resume, this Diploma is the course for you.

Courses included in your Online Diploma Programme

Over 40 hours of easy to follow tutorials to bring you step by step to being a Master.



127 lessons

17 hours 16 minutes



91 lessons

13 hours 42 minutes



94 lessons

10 hours 55 minutes

Why learn Graphic Design?

  • Graphics are important in attracting consumer attention
  • Better visual design has proven to attract more customers
  • You will achieve the ability to create professional looking graphics
  • Learn the ropes of Photoshop and other editing tools
  • Understand the concepts behind digital publishing

Why become a Master?

  • Receive and industry recognized certification
  • Gain the skills necessary to progress in the design sector
  • Have the ability to create great designs that benefit you
  • Open a wide array of opportunities for yourself at work and at home
  • Be able to use the Adobe suite like a professional

Course preview

Each course contains high quality, professional, Video lessons Downloadable exercise files and Real-world templates for you to use.
Photoshop(2) - Intro Simple interface
Photoshop(2) - Demo Video lessons
Photoshop(2) - Download Downloadable files

Photoshop - Chapter 1 Details and sample lessons

Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Introduction
View Demo
Lesson 2: The Workspace
View Demo
Lesson 3: Working with Bridge
View Demo
Lesson 4: Working with Mini Bridge
View Demo
Lesson 5: Window Views and Navigation
View Demo
Lesson 6: RGB or CMYK
View Demo
Lesson 7: Image Size and Resolution
View Demo
Lesson 8: Resolution vs Document Size
View Demo

For the Complete outline, please visit the Photoshop course page

InDesign - Chapter 1 Details and sample lessons

Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Introduction
View Demo
Lesson 2: The Interface
View Demo
Lesson 3: Customizing The Workspace
View Demo
Lesson 4: Document Set Ups
View Demo
Lesson 5: Saving A Document
View Demo
Lesson 6: Navigating A Document
View Demo

For the Complete outline, please visit the InDesign course page

Illustrator - Chapter 1 Details and sample lessons

Section 1: Getting Started

Lesson 1: Introduction
View Demo
Lesson 2: Adobe Illustrator Source Files And Folders
View Demo
Lesson 3: Starting Illustrator And Browsing The Interface
View Demo
Lesson 4: Starting A New Document
View Demo
Lesson 5: Saving A AI File
View Demo
Lesson 6: Customising Your Workspace
View Demo

For the Complete outline, please visit the Illustrator course page

Skills you'll learn

    • Create professional high quality graphics and images
    • Create content for use online and in print publications
    • Understand how to create special effects with colour and transparency
    • Learn to create newsletters, adverts and other common documents
    • Flow text into any shape along any path

How you can apply these skills

    • Design professional logos for businesses
    • Increase potential for a job in design development
    • Create graphics for your benefit
    • Improve the look of any website
    • Create great content for websites and online advertisements


When you pass you will receive an internationally recognised accreditation certificate like this, posted to your address:

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We've helped thousands of people get the most out of these awesome Adobe products, from beginners to professionals. Here's what some of them say:

Definitely the best grand I’ve ever spent. Helped me get by website up and running and now my 3D printing business is flying
James Tully - 3D Printing
Thank you. I now have my own Graphic Design business and work from home. I couldn’t have done this without the skills I learned on the Master programme
Adrienne Tuba - C.O.Y Visual Solutions
Fantastic setup and really well organised, one of the best courses I have enrolled on.
Maja Jovanovic - Web Designer
So far the course is really thorough, clear and comprehensive, i’m self taught in Indesign and so it is filling in lots of gaps and i’m only about 10% of the way through!
LUIZ GOMES - Marketing Executive
I found the course extremely helpful-very easy to follow and well paced. Have already recommended it to a number of friends. Great value for money
Sinead Spillane - Marketing Manager
Very knowledgeable Photoshop teacher. Enjoyable. Thought I know Photoshop, but learned new stuff in the first chapter.
Shawn Parker - Graphic Designer

Careers that require these skills at this level?

Careers in design and media content management both in print and online will require you to be proficient in the subjects taught in this course.

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